Gu Jun's research group of the State Key Laboratory of Protein and Plant Gene Research on the mechanism of aging and inflammation was published online in Nature Cell Biology on February 20, 2011.

The research work of Gu Jun's group revealed for the first time the inflammatory mechanism of aging and how anti-aging proteins can antagonize aging by inhibiting the inflammatory response.

Research in Gu Jun's laboratory found that the RIG-I / MAVS signaling pathway mediates the inflammatory response of aging and aging. In MAVS-deficient cells and mice, the inflammatory response associated with aging and aging is significantly reduced. Interfering with RIG-I in the cells of replicative aging can reduce the inflammatory response of aging and delay the process of cell aging.

Further research found that the anti-aging protein klotho is an inhibitor of RIG-I, which can antagonize the RIG-I-induced aging inflammatory response. In klotho knockout mice, the inflammatory response was significantly enhanced. Expression of exogenous klotho in replicative senescent cells can antagonize the process of cell aging. At the same time, their research also found that with the progress of aging, the expression level of RIG-I gradually increased, while the level of anti-aging protein klotho gradually decreased.

This finding suggests that aging is a natural process of inflammation imbalance. As aging occurs, cells and organisms gradually tilt towards the inflammatory process, and the anti-inflammatory effect gradually weakens, eventually leading to chronic inflammation of aging. This explains why aging is a natural phenomenon accompanied by inflammation.

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