Mouse Progesterone / Progesterone (PROG) ELISA Kit Instructions for Use This kit is for research use only Product Code: CSB-E05104m

Detection range: 0.2 ng / ml-100 ng / ml
Minimum detection limit: 0.1 ng / ml
Specificity: This kit can detect natural or recombinant PROG at the same time, and there is basically no cross reaction with other related proteins.
Validity: 6 months (stored at 2-8 ° C, protected from light)
Intended application: ELISA method for quantitative determination of PROG content in mouse serum, plasma and other related biological fluids.
1. The concentrated washing liquid will be salted out at low temperature, and it can be heated and dissolved in the water bath when diluted.
2. The well of the ELISA plate just opened may contain a little water-like substance. This is normal and will not have any impact on the experimental results.
Experimental principle


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