The first feeling of Kashovan's black dining table is elegance. The black of the table is not dull black, but the black with luster, the black and shiny table surface of the piano, as if one can play "Dedicated to Alice Silk's piano. The decoration of the restaurant used as a large apartment is undoubtedly decent and elegant, and it is also very chic for small-sized decoration. Classical elegance blends with modern minimalist design, and the Kasvanni black dining table is a good interpretation of neo-classical style.

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Cassini's black dining table has an elegant appearance and is also very high-grade. The frame of the dining table is an oak frame imported from Eastern Europe. The oak has the advantages of durability, high stability, corrosion resistance and water absorption. The furniture made of oak is durable and durable, ensuring the durability and practicality of the table. The bottom of the table is made of high-density board, which has the advantages of high stability and not easy to be deformed.

The surface of the dining table is made of tempered glass, which is more durable than ordinary glass and can withstand a temperature difference of 200 degrees Celsius. For the table where high temperature tableware and food are often placed, heat resistance is very important.

Look at the details of the Kasinni black dining table. The center of the dining table is hollowed out. Inside is the mirror glass. The tableware placed on the table clearly forms an elegant symmetrical reflection on the table, which is very romantic. In addition to the romantic atmosphere, the Kasfanni black dining table also considers the safety and practicality. The corners of the dining table are rounded to prevent the children in the house from colliding with pain, and at the same time soften the coldness of the black dining table, which is very user-friendly. Practical design.

The Cabernetian black dining table is piano-like in appearance, with an oak frame and tempered glass to ensure the durability and practicality of the table. In detail, the hollow design and mirror glass in the center of the dining table further enhance the elegance of the dining table, adding a romantic atmosphere to the ordinary life. The rounded corners ensure safety and are very user-friendly.

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