Mu Binjun, General Manager of Dongguan Anshang Chongguang Technology Co., Ltd.

[Reporter] Mu, hello. Know your special dual identity, one is the business representative, one is the entrepreneurial tutor of the Chinese teacher, so first want to be from your first identity business representative. Recently, we have discussed some aspects of plagiarism and originality. I would like to ask you how the enterprise itself can get rid of the low level of repeated plagiarism in the enterprise.

[Mu Binjun] From the perspective of the company itself, most companies do not say that they do not want to be original, but that this idea is supported by the economic foundation. In addition, talent is also one of the difficulties faced by enterprises. People can not be quickly introduced into the enterprise, which is the problem that many entrepreneurs think the most.

The enterprise itself needs people, but after the university students leave the society, they can't find a job. This contradiction is concentrated in our two key links. One is our own enterprise. They have not formed a systematic mechanism for introducing talents, and they have not been established. Second, our college students may still have a relatively high level of vision in their search for work. This "high" is the first choice because he prefers a relatively well-known company in this competitive environment. From our entrepreneurial instructors telling us that many students are truly systematic and can play their part, in fact, small and medium-sized enterprises.

[Reporter] As a business mentor, how can we effectively integrate this kind of things that we have learned in school with enterprises?

[Mu Binjun] In fact, the Chinese teacher himself has also made a lot of preparations, such as the Entrepreneurship Institute. The Entrepreneurship Institute itself is to raise everyone’s thinking consciousness and concept. He gives everyone a systematic education, so that everyone has this. Awareness of the aspect. I started my own business and took a lot of detours. At the end of the day, I slowly found it. If someone can give such a platform and allow me to accept education in this area, I will definitely be able to take a lot of detours.
Based on this situation, it is also for me to participate in this education. It is also able to bring this viewpoint and concept to our students, at least let the latecomers take a little detour. This is my original intention as this aspect. Recently, I have been doing these communication with some of our research institutes. In addition to talents, it is also important that the results of scientific research can be incubated and transformed into our platform. We have also made some efforts in this regard.

In such a large environment, a platform created by the government, society and universities is needed to enable enterprises to continuously introduce talents into enterprises with one point.

[Reporter] You think that from the source, for example, the combination of theory and practice in college students is relatively lacking. Is this one of the reasons?

[Mu Binjun] Yes, including the current educational internships, many universities have some internships, but the internship is not an organizational one, but a loose and spontaneous process of internship. We give you entrepreneurial tutors not only to tell students about their own opinions and experiences, but actually to create bridges and platforms for students and companies, including participating projects, marketing topics and cases. In the classroom, let them participate in this, which is to enable college students to quickly get closer to this market.

[Reporter] As an entrepreneur, the "infringement case" like the royal family furniture, the cottage or the plagiarism problem spread to the agenda, how do you think about this problem?

[Mu Binjun] In fact, as a company is still very helpless. The threshold of the industry itself is relatively low. Under this circumstance, there are not many barriers.

From the perspective of enterprises, in addition to the moral literacy of entrepreneurs themselves, we must use the knowledge structure to arm ourselves. If we can add this kind of intellectual property awareness to follow-up entrepreneurship or university popularization education, I Thinking of this can raise the awareness of intellectual property protection in a general sense. This protection is two aspects, one is for oneself and the other is for others. Everyone must consider the price paid after the infringement.

At the same time, to avoid being a cottage, the more important point is the core technology. If you want to force yourself from the original, you must upgrade yourself from a simple structure to a deeper level. The core technology is the key, which is very important from the enterprise.

[Reporter] The average small business can only imitate your appearance, but can not imitate your core.

[Mu Binjun] The core cannot be imitated. From the perspective of protection itself, if you really want to protect the core technology, I suggest not to apply for a patent for the time being, because when you apply for a patent, you must open up a lot of your technology when you When it is made public, it will be more quickly imitated by other companies. For companies, the time to apply for a patent is that we need to master the rhythm.

[Reporter] Thank you, Mr. Mu, for accepting our interview today.

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