Apparel is an indispensable item in people's life, and the wardrobe is the main furniture used to store clothing accessories . Naturally, it is also an important part of the bedroom layout . Always I thought buy a luxurious house on Feng Shui, from not wanted in the wardrobe on the set also pay attention to feng shui, but also learning a lot. Here is what I learned about home feng shui about wardrobe layout . I hope to share it for everyone's reference.

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The interior designer's feng shui advice for the wardrobe is that the bed should be centered in the bedroom. Generally speaking, the bed can be placed in the north facing the north to match the strong magnetic field on the north side of the earth. This is the most ideal position. The bed of gas is second, and the bed to the north and the north is again. Sitting east to west is the most unsatisfactory position. At the same time, the wardrobe settings are also stressful.

The closet is one of the large pieces of furniture in the bedroom, occupying a large space. Traditional culture believes that the layout of the bedroom can best reflect the harmony of family feelings. The wardrobe placed in the bedroom is even more important. The layout of the wardrobe is fair, which can make the owner's mood calm and peaceful, and the improper layout is inexplicable. Some bedrooms with a bathroom, if the bathroom door is facing the bed, you can use the wardrobe to block. Because the air flow in the toilet and the toilet are not chaotic, and the excessive moisture is applied, it is easy to affect the health. Using the wardrobe to make the distance, the bedroom atmosphere is harmonious, which is good for balancing emotions.

Because the dressing table is used by women, sex is yin, it should be placed on the right side of the bed, the white tiger position, the white tiger position is also yin, the two match the square to meet the yin and yang. When the dressing table is placed on the right side of the bed, the corresponding left side should be placed with furniture that is taller than the dressing table. The wardrobe is usually taller and should be placed on the left side of the bed, which fits the yang of the Qinglong position, making it higher than the white tiger's dressing table. In this way, the bedroom can maintain a relatively strong yang, and the people will thrive and the fortune will be prosperous.

However, care must be taken to avoid the use of mirrored wardrobes. Some wardrobes will have a dressing mirror outside, and the mirror has a large area. Traditional culture believes that the mirror of the closet cannot face the bed, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on sleep. The mirror can't face the window of the bedroom, which will make the light messy, resulting in a gas field that is not conducive to the home, making the family's mood difficult. In addition, the mirror can not face the bedroom door. In traditional culture, the layout of the mirrors is often only found in public places such as government units and schools. Intimate places like bedrooms, opening the door to see the mirror symbolizes privacy being sneaked into the outside world.

In addition, it is best to have a space between the bed and the bed, so as to facilitate the living of the living, avoid bumps when going to bed; secondly, there should be no pressure on the bed, so that people who rest in bed can Happy and happy. Because the shape of the wardrobe is tall, it is not suitable to be placed close to the bed, so as to avoid the pressure on the bedroom owner to rest on the rest of the bed, which will affect the physical and mental health.

In another case, some owners will divide a separate area into a cloakroom in a larger bedroom. For this big "closet", the most taboo is the placement of old books and sundries. Because the area inside the cloakroom is not large, it often leads to poor ventilation. If the inside is messy, the long-term stagnation will produce a damp air, affecting the smooth flow of air in the bedroom, which will affect the owner's mood, and even the master's rational thinking ability. The interior wardrobe drawer should not be too much. If the dressing mirror in the cloakroom is right at the door of the cloakroom, it is easy to be scared when opening the door. The owner can place a pot of knee-high plants in front of the mirror for relief.

A bright living space can bring a good mood to the owners. The choice and layout of the bedroom closet can be based on the orientation of the bedroom. If the bedroom door and window are facing north, the lighting and ventilation are poor, it is best to use a light-colored wardrobe. The closet should be placed in the dark corner of the corner as much as possible, not placed next to the window or the bedroom door. This will prevent the wardrobe from blocking light and making the bedroom darker. If the bedroom is well lit, the wardrobe is not too much toned, but it is best not to choose a wardrobe with too much reflective metal and glass.

In addition, the bedroom is a place to rest and needs a quiet environment. Therefore, the more versatile the function, the quieter it will be. The current expansion of housing area and the improvement of people's quality of life have also created a prerequisite for the realization of the bedroom. As a result, more and more families have abandoned the bedroom and Other functions that interfere with sleep, such as the study room, the storage room, and even the restaurant, making sleep truly the main function of the bedroom.

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