The slogan of energy saving, greening and environmental protection has been screaming for so many years, and it has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Several bosses in the furniture industry are screaming, green! Green! They can gather together a class of respondents. Seeing some companies flickering" Consumers' skills With the price of these so-called green furniture , the price of the ship is rising, and the legendary environmental protection and non-toxic quality furniture. Most of the speeches of the AQSIQ have lost their voices.

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Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine notified the results of national supervision and inspection of 37 types of product quality. The results showed that 43 kinds of wooden furniture (wooden cabinets) were unqualified, involving formaldehyde emission, woodworking requirements, stability, and drawer slide strength. Well-known brands such as Yamanster and Meikemei are among them.

It is understood that many furniture companies are used to playing "environmental edge ball" because the average consumer will know whether it is environmentally friendly by smelling furniture. In fact, this is not enough. Because to do green furniture, it is necessary to pay higher manufacturing costs than ordinary furniture, so many companies will be driven by the interests, will be in the hands of some consumers can not see the information, but often consumers can not find.

For consumers of online shopping furniture, the two specifications of green and environmental protection are more difficult to test. The price difference of online-style European-style furniture is very different, and the same brand may have a lot of counterfeit products, let alone picking yourself out of this “furniture of the furniture” by the consumers’ own power without seeing it. I like green furniture.

On the other hand, this has caused consumers to choose the online shopping furniture, affecting the further development of furniture e-commerce enterprises; moreover, the inter-related relationship between e-commerce companies is much larger than the radical field, once there is Unsatisfactory and unhealthy furniture sold by merchants will have a serious negative impact on the entire furniture e-commerce market.

However, the green road is not good. Because green furniture e-commerce companies must first face the problem of rising interest rates and reduced profits, and the competition in the furniture industry has already reached the level of white-hot, coupled with the meager profit of the e-commerce market and the lack of characteristics of enterprises, etc. The road to the rise of e-commerce in the garden sofa company is particularly "uneven".

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