2011 is not an easy year for the furniture industry. Real estate is affected by the policy-induced downturn. As the furniture industry in the downstream sector, it is inevitably affected by different degrees. Even so, the four brands of IKEA, Top 100, Rochburg and Sofia still maintain a strong upward trend. 2012 is coming, can the four major furniture brands continue to prosper under the premise that the environment has not improved significantly?

IKEA: The potential of five million members

In the past fiscal year, IKEA China's sales exceeded 4.9 billion yuan, up 20% over the same period last year; more than 31 million consumers visited IKEA stores, up 20% year-on-year; IKEA members exceeded 5.59 million; website visits More than 19 million times, an increase of 23.3% over last year; Sina's official Weibo attention is close to 100,000. “Thanks to the consumers for their recognition of IKEA's work last year. In the new fiscal year 2012, we will accelerate the pace of development in China and look forward to becoming a partner for more consumers to create a better home life.” IKEA China Retail Manager Ms. Gillian said. IKEA's 2012 new fiscal year will continue IKEA's powerful storage and multi-functional products to meet consumers' dream of more free space in limited space, further save home space, and actively participate in the world trend of energy conservation in combination with new environmentally friendly multi-functional products.

At the same time, the membership of the club has passed 5 million. “The IKEA membership card is more than just an orange card. It is behind IKEA's philosophy of creating a beautiful daily life for the public. We also hope that IKEA will bring more than just a variety of beautiful and practical homes. I hope that with his unique membership system, I will create more exclusive rights for members who love IKEA." Chen Yue, Marketing Manager of IKEA Beijing Shopping Mall said.

Under the superior brand advantage, IKEA's membership strategy has undoubtedly consolidated its strategic advantage in the mid-market, strong customer stickiness and continuous penetration of brand value. In the foreseeable future, IKEA prosperity can continue .

Top 100 furniture: self-operated agent multi-track parallel

In 2011, the top 100 furniture continued to walk on the road of traditional furniture brands. The other foot spanned the tradition and became the general agent of more than ten imported home brands. It was officially expanded into a variety of products by professional furniture brands. A business brand rich in business. In the "100 Strong International Home Mall", an independent store of about 20,000 square meters in Zhongkun Square of Dazhong Temple, we can buy the plate, solid wood and teenagers independently produced by the Black Forest, New Rome, 80show, Harry Chalet and so on. In addition to the series of furniture, you can also see more than ten Italian and German furniture accessories brands such as Hillbach, BAMAX, RIVOTLA and O-LIVING. The three-dimensional home experience hall that introduces international 3D projection technology can help you see the "home of the future" in advance.

There is no doubt that the Top 100 is the most successful channel transformation among many local brands. Under the premise that it already has strong design capabilities and perfect product lines, the huge advantages brought by independent stores will be the top 100 in the Year of the Dragon. Providing more room for manoeuvre in the fierce competition will undoubtedly greatly increase the odds of the top 100. It can be said that the bright future of the top 100 is a victory for the strategic layout.

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