It is about to enter the spring of all things, but for sensitive skin, spring means that the skin faces various threats: alternating hot and cold, pollen... However, dermatologists say that sensitive muscles are not only waiting for sensitive skin. To remedy the protection, but in the spring season, you can do preventive work, so the sensitive muscle high season may become the season of skin regeneration.

Sensitive skin needs to seize the spring to improve opportunities

Sensitive for two reasons

Every spring, many people will be afflicted with dry skin, redness, acne and other conditions. Dr. Song Fengyi, executive director of the Taiwan Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Education, said that many people have been asking for "sensitive muscles", but "sensitive muscles" is a confusing term, especially "sensitive" and "stimulus."

He said that the so-called "sensitivity" is an intolerance to certain substances. "Stimulation" is the tolerance of certain substances to the limit. Then, from this concept, “sensitive muscles” are actually more like skin that has not been completely restored after stimulation.

According to Song Fengyi, due to the ambiguity of the irritants, the causes of sensitive muscles are different. Many people attribute them to internal factors (such as drinking, light-sensitive physique) can also be attributed to external factors (care products, sun exposure). However, Song Fengyi said that with his clinical experience, excessive cleaning and skin care products are the two most common causes.

Spring and Autumn is indeed a period of high sensitivity to skin. However, Song Fengyi does not think that all kinds of sensitive symptoms of the skin must be a bad thing. It must be stopped. He said that the skin is sensitive. It may be because of the cumulative effect of personal choice of skin care products. Sensitive symptoms may be caused by skin cells. Redemption.

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